A platform that brings SMEs and investors together to find a financing solution

FirmFunding is the digital marketplace that allows growing SMEs to find a suitable financing solution from professional investors. The financing files that can be posted online and consulted by investors relate to development projects, transmission, asset financing, or transfers, for amounts ranging from 1 to 20 million euros. All sectors of activity are eligible, provided that the company is a joint stock company, has a turnover of at least 5 million euros, and is profitable, or in the process of being so. These projects, presented and supported by professional advisors, are made available to registered investors (+300), who, after having read the documents relating to the company and the project posted online, can contact them to discuss and push their analysis. The FirmFunding platform, exclusively reserved for professionals, guarantees the preservation of confidentiality of files, which can only be consulted by previously registered investors.

Benefit from the advantages of a digitized financing marketplace

FirmFunding is the only platform entirely dedicated to private placement in the aim of financing the growth of SMEs . More than 300 professional investors are already registered (asset managers and family offices) with a total investment capacity of more than €3 billion.

€800 million financing have been put online since the platform's launch in 2017, with an average financing of €5 million.

Advisors for high net worth / SMEs

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    Immediate access to the database of registered professional investors

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    A personalized follow-up of the progress of your financing project (depending on the option chosen)

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    A wide range of registered investors, able to intervene in bonds (dry or convertible) and equity to respond to all types of projects: growth, transmission, asset financing, in all sectors and all regions.

Professional investors

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    Immediate access to qualified projects (pre screening carried out by the FirmFunding teams)

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    Unified and optimized project presentation

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    A simplified process: online consultation of the documentation and direct contact

Benefit from the advantages of equity financing

FirmFunding marketplace is restricted to professionals, which ensures confidentiality. Whether you are an SME advisor or a professional investor, you first have to register to access the marketplace and our services. Here are the main steps:

Advisors / SME

Access immediatly the professionnal investors registered

  • 1. Share your project with FirmFunding’s team

    Exchanges and review of the project before it is put online

  • 2. Submit your project online

    Upload the following documents: Info memo, BP and other documents

  • 3. Discuss with investors who have expressed an interest

    Interested investors can contact us directly to discuss further


Access financing projects

  • 1. Create your account

    Access online projects on the marketplace

  • 2. Review financing project

    Analyze the info memo, the BP and other online documents

  • 3. Contact the SME advisor

    The contact details of the advisor for each project are available online: contact him and continue your analysis

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What is FirmFunding ?

FirmFunding is the first and only financing platform dedicated to private placement (bond and equity) for SMEs. To finance their growth, SMEs need to have at their disposal other sources of financing than bank loans.

FirmFunding is a marketplace that aims to connect SME advisors with professional investors, when a private placement financing project is released online.

The online process is very simple: the board / SME posts the documents needed to present the financing project, which registered investors can consult before contacting them.

The FirmFunding platform:
For which types of financings ?

Provided you are a profitable or soon-to-be profitable joint-stock company with sales in excess of 5 million euros, all types of project are likely to be financed at least in part by recourse to equity financing:

  • All types: development (organic growth, external growth), transmission (MBO, MBI, OBO, exit of minority shareholders, etc.), refinancing, asset financing.
  • All sectors: services, agro, real estate, industry, consulting, technologies...
  • Regardless of the headquarter location: whole France and the EU.

Why finance your business with FirmFunding ?

FirmFunding already has more than 300 registered professional investors with a total financing capacity of more than €3 billion. These investors are essentially management company and family offices. €800 million of corporate financings have been uploaded since its creation.

Investors registered on the FirmFunding platform can thus provide a source of financing to strengthen the (quasi-) equity capital of SMEs, in complementarity with the bank, without diluting the founding shareholders.

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