The milestone of 500 million euros of funding put online on the FirmFunding platform has just been passed!

FirmFunding is a digital financing platform that enables growing SMEs to connect with professional investors, in order to finance their development projects. It was created in 2016 based on the observation that the advantages of high-level financing tools (strengthening of equity, in fine repayment) were reserved for large groups and ETIs. While it is part of the same digitalization movement, FirmFunding differs from crowdfunding and crowdlending platforms in that it is strictly reserved for professional investors and preserves the confidentiality of files.

For the first 6 months of 2021, 21 financing applications have been presented to investors, for a total amount of 130 million euros, in all sectors (energy, real estate, industry, agribusiness) and all regions of France. Five years after its creation, FirmFunding is well established in the financing landscape: about thirty financing files are put online every year, for a total annual amount of about 150 million euros, proposed to a base of more than 200 professional investors.

In October 2021, the milestone of 500 million euros of financing put online was crossed, coming to confirm the interest of high-level financing for the development of SMEs, the appetite of investors for this type of product and the effectiveness of FirmFunding to bring them together!

The Covid crisis, far from putting a stop to activity, has on the contrary established the use of these financing tools as a basic trend: the repeated confinements have made digital a necessity and the French government, through the launch of financing tools reinforcing equity (stimulus bonds) has come to confirm, if there was any need, the need for SMEs to have recourse to this type of equity financing.

FirmFunding, a fintech created and managed by Florence Vasilescu, is today the only financing platform dedicated to equity financing, which gives SMEs access to all non-banking financing solutions, regardless of their situation.

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